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General files for public download.

These are files I have made available for download. More will follow as the site develops.

Email :

(44) (020) 71019530


MSc Dissertation. Download (Adobe PDF)

MSc Dissertation. Download (Microsoft Reader)

The following ebook was written to educate the home user about online security issues. It was completed prior to my commencing my dissertation. Although it dates back to 2002 (hence the use of Windows 2000), it is fair to say that the issues are just as relevant today as they were in 2002! It does predate the introduction of smartphones and the era of "Bring your own device" policies.

Safe and Secure Home Computing (Adobe PDF)

Safe and Secure Home Computing (XPS Document)

The following download is a real life transcript of a chat on Google Hangouts. It begs the question: If this lady was being dishonest about where she lived, then what else might she be up to?!

Romance Fraud: How I caught one lady trying to lead me astray. Read this if you care about the contents of your bank account! A must read.

Viewing the total eclipse of the sun, August 11th, 1999. A Legacy article written by me shortly after the event in my mid 20s, before I had any grey hairs. Origionally written on a Windows 3.1 system. Those were the days.

As a PDF file.

As an XPS Document - suitable for newer Windows platforms, some e-readers and smartphone apps. A newer publishing format.

Home Brewing is another of my passtimes. This was written some ten years ago and published on my origional website. Still of interest today though.

As a PDF file.

As a Microsoft Reader ebook.

Putty Is a simple but excellent client for Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH) and Remote Login (rlogin) for Microsoft systems.-

Client for secure FTP (encrypts traffic unlike standard FTP, as well as your login credentials).

Secure copy for Windows systems.