Cotexfood Data Network device reachability

Network Status

Email :

(44) (020) 71019530

Network performance

The following links are to performance tables. (They are intended for the network administrator and other network experts).

The list below shows responses to "ping" (ICMP echo) requests sent from a central location on the CFDN at five minute intervals. Return times for devices actively connected are in milliseconds. (Devices powered off or which are otherwise disconnected, i.e. unplugged or out of wireless "WI-FI" range are not considered to be actively connected. They provide a guide to aid in the diagnosis of any connectivity issues.

Breakdown by device

Greatest Deviation

Other diagnostic tools:

Network Security Scan output (Available only within the cotexfood domain)

Server Traffic Statistics (Suitable for Network Experts Only).

Router Traffic Statistics for [] (Suitable for Network Experts Only).

Server Usage Reports

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